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About Enticingly Simple

Thank you for showing interest in getting to know us a bit better. We’re excited about our little creation here at Enticingly Simple and we’re glad you are too! Maybe you’re here because you’d like to know more about who created such a great place, or maybe you’re here because you want to make sure we’re not just the offshoot of some large corporation’s marketing strategy (we aren’t). Whatever the case, we’re thrilled that you’ve decided to pay us a visit.

So, make yourself a cup of hot tea (or coffee if that’s how you roll), sit back, relax, and read all the wonderful things we’ve been writing here at Enticingly Simple. We know you’ll thoroughly enjoy your visit!

What is “Enticingly Simple”?

Enticingly Simple is the place to visit for those who want to live a healthy life, simply. A healthy life doesn’t need to be a complicated life! It does indeed take some doing in today’s world to make healthy decisions, but we believe simplicity is crucial to enable success. Were you ever excited to try something new, only to find out how ridiculously complicated it was? Well, your healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated. You’ll find a ton of really great content here relating to beauty, DIY recipes, healthy products, food choices, family life, fitness, and loads of other fun info.

We were intentional when it came to choosing a name for our creation. We thought to ourselves: “What words or ideas would best describe our purpose, our brand?”. So, my husband and I sat down together and brainstormed dozens and dozens of words that would describe our little online “home-away-from-home” the best. As we thought about how we would create something utterly wonderful, we eventually settled on two words. Those words happened to become the name and brand of our website. Can you guess what these two words are?


So what exactly about a simple lifestyle has to be boring and bland? Absolutely nothing! The simple lifestyle isn’t boring. Rather, our vision of a simple life is enticing. With such a drive nowadays to be healthy and fit, it’s crucial to understand that taking charge of your life through a purposeful simplicity is super important.

We’re normal people just like you who don’t do everything perfectly, don’t always eat as well as we should, splurge when we probably shouldn’t, and chase our kids around the house like we’re in a zoo, all while attempting to make healthy choices for our family. So again, simple doesn’t mean boring, bleak, or absurdly strange. Rather, the journey to living a healthy and simple life can be alluring and enticingly beautiful.


Simplicity. Let’s not overcomplicate things here. We’ve all read endless pages about how-to’s, contradictory wellness tips, and overly confident “silver bullet” fads. We desire to write every bit of information here in a way that anyone could understand. As you read our Amazing pages and posts here at Enticingly Simple, you should know that every word was written deliberately. We do share ideas that may sometimes conflict, then let you decide. But, when we have a strong opinion, we’ll definitely share that with our readers.

Each page here has been prepared with great attention to detail just for you. We want to provide you with quality information that you’ll actually find useful and actionable. 

Our Purpose

As Christians, our goal here at Enticingly Simple is first and foremost to glorify God. That means that we truly value words like integrity, transparency, honesty, humility, and trust. Therefore, we are determined to provide you with an unsurpassed experience while you’re here with us.

Secondly, our purpose to you as the reader is to do an excellently superb job at writing content that enables you to live a more enticingly simple life.

The Team

In our family, we do everything together! If at any time we have to part ways from each other, we desperately miss each other’s company. That means that it is intrinsically important to us to work together here at Enticingly Simple as a team. Families are wonderful teams, they’re just kinda-sorta designed that way, aren’t they? So, as we grow and develop Enticingly Simple, you should know that what you see is a result of well thought out old-fashioned hard work, a bit of expertise, and creativity. Read a bit about us below.


I’m the wife to my amazing best friend and husband. I’m also mother to five gorgeously beautiful little children. I love all things fashion, fitness, cooking, reading up on the latest trends, creating interestingly new concoctions for my diffuser, and indulging on tasty treats. My goal here is to help and encourage other women to find simple solutions amidst already busy and complex lives. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but for the longest time just found it to be very difficult. Over time, I realized that writing is so much more than an exercise. Rather, it’s a cohesive release of information from the mind in a way that’s relatable to my readers.


I’m the husband to my beautifully strong and wise wife, as well as father to our five adorably energetic children. Oftentimes, when people say how cute our children are, I reply: “They get it from their mother.”. It’s just true! I’m the brains behind a lot of the backend work here at Enticingly simple. I also write quite a bit of content regarding things like product reviews and anything else that interests me. I do have some business experience as well, and plan the overall strategy, organization, and vision of Enticingly Simple. We have a lot of great things in store for the future and our journey has only just begun.

It’s a Team Effort

While we both have different areas of focus, those focus areas oftentimes overlap as we venture to learn more about what we’re each good at. We’re also excited at the prospect of our children helping us when they’re older, but they have quite some time before they’re ready for that. At this stage in life, we’re mainly focused on teaching them more advanced job skills like learning the alphabet, cleaning up their toys, and brushing their teeth before they go to bed. Speaking of children, we love children and hope to have many more! We also understand that as parents have a great deal of responsibility in regards to preparing our children to venture out into the world.

So, we still have a whole lot to learn just like you. Let’s learn together!

Our Readers

How often do you read about yourself on an “About” page? Well if this is the first time, congratulations!

Our readers are of the most excellent quality, painstakingly appreciative of real substance, and incredulously skeptical of content driven by deceptive modern-day marketing techniques. They can’t stand fluff, don’t have time for fly-by-the-night fads, and are not entertained by scammy, shady, weird, or irrelevant ads. They’re a simple sort of folk with a desire to read about things they actually find helpful. They want to read from real people with real lives, not from some gigantically massive company that they can’t relate to. Transparency and honesty are highly prized among our readers. At the end of the day, they’ll judge what they read by their perceived trust in the source.

We Love Our Readers

If there’s anything we truly appreciate, it’s when our readers share their own experiences with us. So, we warmly welcome you to leave a comment on any one of our posts. Whether you want to tell us how a recent recipe turned out, have a question, or want to comment on something specific, we’d love to hear from you! We read every comment and will try to respond when we can.

Also, if you ever run into any issues using our website or have a more detailed request, please leave us a message in the contact form.

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