Helichrysum Essential Oil

What You Need To Know About Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum oil is made from the delicate blossoms of the Helichrysum flower. In particular, this oil is best known for its rich, sweet, fruity scent. Also, it’s packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Not only does it have a great fragrance, but it has some great wellness benefits too.

After you experience the delight of this oil, you will most certainly want to add it to your collection.


The Helichrysum flower is native to the Meditteranean region. The Helichrysum plant is thought to have been widely used for centuries across the region. Throughout the Mediterranean, it’s been said that the medicinal properties of the Helichrysum plant have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures stretching from Greece all the way to Spain.

While still being used today, Helichrysum oil has grown in popularity and can be purchased worldwide.

Traditionally, Helichrysum essential oil is said to be useful for treating a wide variety of health conditions.

They include :

  • Allergies
  • Acid reflux/Heartburn
  • Candida
  • Inflammation of the muscles and joints
  • Acne
  • Stomachaches
  • Bloating
  • Gallbladder disorders
  • Liver disease

Although Helichrysum has been used through the centuries, more extensive clinical studies are necessary to prove (or disprove) its effectiveness in many areas.

Helichrysum Essential Oil Studies

What research has proven is very promising. Research from the National Institute of Health claims that several scientific studies have shown that Helichrysum does have anti-inflammatory agents.

Helichrysum also demonstrated some anti-fungal actions against Candida (which is a type of yeast that can cause infection) as well as antibacterial properties (Staphylococcus aureus). Therefore, research is being done on this beautiful little flower, and the future prospects of this plant’s health benefits are promising.

Read more about the study here – Helichrysum Italicum: From Traditional Use to Scientific Data

With more clinical studies and research, perhaps this oil will indeed prove itself down the road. While the information regarding this oil is encouraging, it’s important to use caution with any potent ingredient (natural or otherwise). As always, you should never ingest any kind of essential oil without first consulting your physician.

When using this oil topically, there are many fantastic results.

When used correctly, quality Helichrysum oil is a safe alternative that may help you in a number of exciting ways. Try out these simple DIY recipes below to get some amazing results.

Sunburn Soother Balm

Summertime is a great time to go outside and enjoy yourself while soaking up the sun. Actually, according to a recent study, you should definitely make sure you soak up some sun. When venturing out into the hot summer sun, there’s a dilemma that we all have to deal with, and that is sunburn.

Whether you’ve been at the pool or are just returning from that yearly beach vacation, you must find some way to soothe that blazing sunburn. One really helpful solution is this awesome recipe that uses Helichrysum oil. Since this oil can promote healing and can help skin recover quickly, it’s the perfect remedy for those poor, scorched shoulders.


  • 10 drops of Helichrysum essential oil
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of frankincense essential oil
  • 3/4 cup coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons shea butter
  • 1 medium size glass jar

Directions For Use:

In a small pot or saucepan, add about 2-3 inches of warm water. Place on stove top and turn on medium-low heat. While your water is heating, combine all your ingredients in your jar. After you’ve combined the ingredients, place your jar in the hot water. Once the contents begin to melt, mix well.

After it’s well mixed, remove from heat and allow to cool.  After the balm is cooled, apply to the affected area.

Renewing Helichrysum Facial Cleanser

If you’re dealing with facial acne, it can make you feel self-conscious or cause you to feel bad about the way you look. You could try those “brand-named” facial cleanser products you see on TV, but you’re hesitant because of their nasty and unhealthy chemicals.

It can be frustrating figuring out what to do and what products are the best for you. Why not put your frustration to ease with this natural and healthy facial cleanser? It’s very simple and easy to make and has promising results.


  • 15 drops of Helichrysum essential oil
  • 5 drops of Grapefruit essential oil
  • 3 tablespoons of raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar (my favorite brand is ‘Brag Vinegar’ because it’s raw and organic)
  • 1 small jar

In a medium-sized bowl, combine all the ingredients. If you’re having trouble mixing it evenly, you can use a hand blender. After the mixture is well combined, pour the mixture into your small jar. Keep facial cleanser in a dry, cool place to improve shelf life.

Directions For Use:

Now that you’ve made your facial cleanser, it’s time to try it out.

Begin with using a quarter-sized amount. Apply the mixture directly to your face, then begin to massage it into your skin. Using slow circular motions, massage the oil deep into your pores, making sure all makeup, dead skin cells, and dirt are dissolved in the oil. After you’re done massaging, and your skin is well saturated, place a washcloth in hot (not scalding) water.

Once your washcloth has absorbed the hot water, place the washcloth on your face and allow the heat from the washcloth to open your pores. It’s important to use hot water because cold water will not open your pores. Just be sure not to use scalding water; you don’t want to burn your face.

After you remove the washcloth from your face, rinse the washcloth in the hot water and repeat. Now that your pores are opened, and the dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells have been removed, give your face a final rinse. Once you’re all finished, pat dry.

After washing, you should apply a gentle moisturizer. Read more about a DIY aloe vera moisturizer here.

Anti-Aging Facial Serum

Let’s face it: we’re all going to get wrinkly skin at some point. The question is not if we’ll eventually get wrinkles but when. If you pamper your face and treat it with the uttermost care, you can prevent those wrinkles from showing up prematurely. One simple way to keep those wrinkles away is to try this easy DIY anti-aging facial serum.


  • 10 drops of Helichrysum essential oil
  • 5 drops of Carrot Seed essential oil
  • 1-2 drops of Rose essential oil
  • 2-3 oz of rosehip carrier oil (or your favorite carrier oil)

Directions For Use:

Combine all the oils in an amber dropper. Shake the bottle gently to mix the ingredients. Once your oil solution is well mixed, dab a few drops on your finger and gently massage onto your face. Be sure to give special attention to areas more prone to wrinkles.


When you use Helichrysum oil for the first time, you will immediately want to add it to your oil collection. Using Helichrysum oil is not only good for you, but it’s yet another natural ingredient that you can use in any number of recipes for optimal skin health. Once you try this fragrant, beneficial, and all-around splendid oil, you will not be disappointed!

Helichrysum Essential Oil FAQs

How is helichrysum essential oil made?

Helichrysum oil is steam distilled from the flowers of the helichrysum plant, native to the Mediterranean.

What is helichrysum oil commonly used for?

It’s popularly used for skin care, wound healing, stress reduction, and as a massage oil.

What does helichrysum oil smell like?

It has a strong, earthy, herbal aroma with honey-like, woody, and spicy undertones. The scent is rich and soothing.

How do you use helichrysum essential oil?

Apply diluted on the skin, diffuse aromatically, or inhale directly for emotional and physical healing benefits.

Does helichrysum oil help fade scars?

Yes, it regenerates skin cells and improves collagen production to reduce the appearance of scars, according to this study.

What skin types can use helichrysum oil?

It’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Do a patch test before wider use.

Is helichrysum better than tea tree for acne?

It works more gently with fewer side effects and is great for breakouts, inflammation, and acne scars. Depending on your skin type, either may be a good option.

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